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We welcome our dear Hair and make up stylists in our growing CYNOS Family. The orientation and hair make over was done in our Training Center . We welcome them : Mr. Jim Ryan Ros Mr. Francis Edward Guintu Mr. Archibald Tolentino Mr. Raymond Galang Mr. Dave Grona Mr. Christian Colina Mr. MJ Rone Mr. [...]

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CND™ Flora and Fauna Collection 2015

Moments of reflection as wildflowers sway in the soft morning breeze. Untouched meadows, nature's retreat, sigh with tranquility.

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August features

  • Hermes Mondido

Meet our Cynos stylists at work!

We feature Stylists who excel in "doing more" passionately in their hair service with clients beacuse they prefer Cynos! #Cynos #CynosInsideHairCare #IPreferCynos #ICandDoMore#ILoveCynos #GLAMERrizedByCynos #Stylist #Hairstylist #Hair

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CND’s vibrant hues

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SEMBREAK IS BACK SO IS G-FORCE PROJECT 2015!!! Have an unforgettable school break this year with us. For eight consecutive weekends, all you have to do is dance, dance, and dance. Enrollment is now ongoing. Avail of our early bird promo between July 28 to August 8, 2015 and get BIG discount. For inquiries, call or text 0917 843 [...]


Oh Hello August!

See and find out what our CYNOS user's feedback and Hair and make up Stylists review is all about. What's more take a peek too on our Magazine features as well!