Cynos Inside Hair Care

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Luv products from canadian brand, Cynos! Especially the Morocco Argan Oil!
Ruffa Gutierrez
I super love them perfect for my colored hair..with the argan oil thairapy, your hair is replenished with moisture and secured to prolong color. I’m sooo in love with thw smell, smooths your skin perfectly too!
Kim Chiu
I went in for Kerasilk treatment at Studio Fix in Century City. All this effort so I can look good effortlessly. Haha. No need for blowouts after this.
Daphne Osena-Paez
Thank you for my hair care package @CynosInsideHairCare! Who knew hair color maintenance could be so fun?❤️ We used only #Cynos products. For the exact color mix, keratin treatment and style.
Ms. Antoinette Taus

Launched in 1993, CYNOS is a line of hair care, styling and treatment products from South Korea.  The term is derived from the word cynosure, signifying the brand’s ambition to be the leader in the hair and beauty industry. CYNOS also stands for Cycle Natural Original System, which is the brand’s core and commitment to its partners in the salon industry.

Cynos Inside Hair Care set up its distribution in Germany in 2007. Three years later, Colornow Canada Ltd acquired the brand, and established an exclusive R&D laboratory to improve product quality and performance. CYNOS is backed up with up-to-date research, and the latest and most advanced technology in hair cosmetics.

Cynos Inside Hair Care products are now widely distributed in various country like Morocco, Costa Rica, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cyprus, Poland, Vietnam, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, Esthonia, Syria, Chian, Canada, USA, UK, Finland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, South Africa, Panama, Algeria, Dubai, India and the Philippines.

  • Preferred brand of Known Salons
  • Dedicated R&D in Canada to further improve product quality and performance.
  • Cycle Natural Organic System makes sure our product is made with the latest technology for unmatched inside hair care